The Peaces Of Me Foundation

Authentic belonging, powerful opportunities, lasting change.

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Core Principles

  1. We will advocate for Recognition of accessibility as a fundamental human right by educating the public on the virtues of universal design.
  2. We will embrace all forms of diversity within our movement by ensuring that our community remains inclusive, empowering, and welcoming to everyone.
  3. We will advance the belief that all individuals, regardless of their characteristics, should be treated with respect and dignity at all times.
  4. We will combat the notion that one’s Disability, illness, or difference detracts from their inherent worth.
  5. We will promote equity.
  6. We will challenge misguided expectations that inhibit individuals from reaching their potential.
  7. We will celebrate genuine achievements made by anyone within our minority.
  8. We will empower allies to more effectively assist us in advancing our causes.
  9. We will hold those who inhibit our progress accountable, making every effort to create change through education and empathetic persuasion.
  10. We will treat the funds and other resources entrusted to us as sacred by utilizing sound business practices.