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Navigating Business as a Disabled Entrepreneur

Event Details:
Date: September 29th, 2022
Time: 4:PM-6PM PST

According to data obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021, 19.1 percent of persons with a disability were employed in 2021 compared to 65.9% for people without disabilities. The jobless rate for those with a disability was about twice as high as the rate for those without a disability.

Out of the small population of people with disabilities who are hired, many receive sub-minimum wages due to a loophole in the 1938 Fair Labors Standards Act and those receiving short term or long term SSDI benefits fall below the poverty level due to the limits on income earned to qualify. With the current state of disability employment and the job market as it currently stands, many people with disabilities wish to seek out entrepreneurship and start their own businesses.

Representation matters when it comes to leadership. According to new research from #valuable, carried out by EY: “only 7% of business leaders identify as disabled despite 15% worldwide living with a disability (Brodey, 2019). Due to Covid restrictions, many have benefitted by the accommodation of remote work and the number of disabled people who are self-employed has doubled in the last year! Unfortunately, the absence of disability data in most public and private surveys of small businesses renders business owners with disabilities invisible.

Our team at Peaces of Me are here to change this narrative.
Many people with disabilities are outstanding examples of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
And we want to showcase their stories for this month’s event.

Please join us for this thoughtful panel discussion as we explore the journey, the struggles and the triumphs of disabled entrepreneurs. Bring your questions, concerns, and your willingness to learn. If you are looking for a safe place to begin the process of becoming a better ally, we welcome you. As always, ASL and captioning will be provided. Peaces of Me is a community built upon respect and kindness. Whether or not you have a disability, we all have something to learn. Let’s enjoy the process together and make business ventures more accessible to everyone!

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