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Say what? Clarifying the language surrounding Disability.

DATE: 8/31/2022
LOCATION: please complete registration form for Zoom info.

Words are powerful. While most of us are painfully aware of this reality, feeling empowered to navigate this potential minefield is another matter entirely. While we appreciate that the general population is becoming more aware of their vocabulary, we are concerned that caution is leading to disengagement. The margin between binding empathy and divisive fear is razor thin.

Consider the following terms:

  • Handicap
  • Special needs
  • Differently able
  • Suffering
  • Inspirational

If you’re like most people, the above words and phrases probably evoke and uneasy feeling. Perhaps you understand that this verbiage is going out of style, but you are unsure as to why. Maybe you understand the underlying considerations, but you disagree with the direction that things are going. Either way, this conversation is for you.

Please join us for this thoughtful discussion as we explore the language of Disability together. Bring your questions, concerns, and your willingness to learn. If you are looking for a safe place to begin the process of becoming a better ally, we welcome you.

As always, ASL and captioning will be provided. Peaces of Me is a community built upon respect and kindness. Disagreement stimulates innovative ideas, but rancor stifles them. We all have something to learn. Let’s enjoy the process together.